Pre-Requisites Edit

Must be at least halfway through Neutral (1500/3000) with Wintersaber Trainers.

Objectives Edit

Rivern Frostwind wants you to slay 5 Combat 15 Winterfall Shaman and 5 Combat 15 Winterfall Ursa.

Description Edit

My presence goes unnoticed by most, <name>. However, there is an annoyance that seems firmly rooted here in Winterspring: the Winterfall furbolg.

Although I have never directly attacked the furbolg, they seem crazed, fearful of anything in their path. I have watched them slay countless creatures that had the misfortune to simply be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I am weary of their meddling -- please, help me by fighting back. Slay the furbolg and keep them away from Frostsaber Rock.


I am relieved to hear that for a short moment, we will not have to worry about the Winterfall intrusion.

You are beginning to show your perseverance, <name>.

Reward Edit

250 Reputation points with Wintersaber Trainers

Notes Edit

This quest is repeatable.

External linksEdit

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