Objectives Edit

Go to the Gallina Winery, and bring Suzetta Gallina the Wine Ticket for a free bottle of wine.

Description Edit

If you talk to anyone about wine, then you know we Gallinas sell the best wine in Stormwind. And we're not far, still in the Trade District along the city's lovely canals.

Here, take this pamphlet. Bring it to my sister Suzetta at our shop for a complimentary bottle of our famous pinot noir. You won't regret it!

Reward Edit

You receive
Inv drink 10

Progress Edit

Greetings and welcome, master. Have you yet tried one of our fine wines?

Completion Edit

Ah, so you've seen Renato? Well here you are, sir. A bottle of our special pinot noir. You'll not find its equal in all of Azeroth!

Gains Edit