Quest:Wild Leather Helmet (Horde)

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Horde 32 Wild Leather Helmet
StartJangdor Swiftstrider
EndJangdor Swiftstrider
Requires Level 30
Experience2,900 XP
or 17Silver39Copper at Level 110

Objectives Edit

Bring 2 Nightscape Tunics, 2 Nightscape Headbands, and a Wildvine to Jangdor Swiftstrider in Camp Mojache.

Description Edit

A Wild Leather helmet offers the wearer superior protection to the vital areas of the head without a sacrifice in comfort. As with all Wild Leather armor, the integrated wildvine yields a powerful but random magic imbuement to the helm's frame. Leather wearers will definitely want this piece!

For this pattern, I will need two Nightscape tunics, 2 Nightscape headbands, and a wildvine. Complete this lesson and the pattern will be yours!


I need those tunics and headbands made, and I also need that piece of wildvine before I will share with you the knowledge of Wild Leather helmets.

Head gear is highly coveted amongst adventurers, whether it be a disarmingly simple headband or a full-covering helmet.  The fundamentals of creating valued head gear remain constant, no matter what the cosmetic appearance of the gear is.


This Nightscape equipment you have supplied perfectly meets the requirements I have given to you, <name>.  I expect no less from a leatherworker of your caliber.

You have earned the honor of crafting Wild Leather helmets.  I give this pattern to you freely, and hope you will profit from it accordingly.


You will receive:
Inv scroll 03


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 2900 XP (or 25Silver 20Copper at level 70)

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