Objectives Edit

Bring 2 Nightscape Pants, 2 Nightscape Boots, and 2 Wildvines to Jangdor Swiftstrider in Camp Mojache.

Description Edit

Your knowledge of Wild Leather armor grows, <name>; still, there is more for you to learn.

Wild Leather boots are the cornerstone of any set. Such boots are crafted to cradle the foot in comfort while bracing it against the hazards of adventuring. The soft soles are a blessing to those seeking quiet movement in footwear.

For this pattern, I need two Nightscape pants and two Nightscape boots crafted. I also will require two wildvines... not just one. When you have these items, we will proceed.


The pants, boots, and wildvines need to be delivered to me before you learn the pattern, <name>.  Have you done as I asked?

From the earliest pair of boots we learn how to make, we start to understand that a quality boot needs to ride a razor's edge between comfort and function.  With both, we are able to create items that allow the wearer to ignore fatigue that would cripple those wearing lower quality goods.


Once again, you have produced items with the skill of a seasoned professional.  You have earned this pattern, as well as my congratulations.


You will receive:
Inv scroll 03


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 2900 XP (or 25Silver 20Copper at level 70)

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