Objectives Edit

Bring 2 Nightscape Pants, 2 Nightscape Boots, and 2 Wildvines to Pratt McGrubben in Feathermoon Stronghold.

Description Edit

You've learned quite a bit now, <name>; still, there is more for you to learn. Next are Wild Leather boots, the cornerstone of any set. These boots are crafted to cradle the foot in comfort while bracing it against the hazards of adventuring. The soft soles are a blessing to those seeking quiet movement in footwear. For this pattern, I need an order of two Nightscape pants and two Nightscape boots filled. I also will require two wildvines... not just one. When you have all this, let me know.

Progress Edit

The order on the pants, boots, and wildvines needs to be filled before you get the pattern, <name>. Are you finished? From the earliest pair of boots we learn how to make, we start to understand that a quality boot needs to ride a razor's edge between comfort and function. With both, we are able to create items that allow the wearer to ignore fatigue that would cripple those wearing lower quality goods.

Completion Edit

Once again, you've filled a complex order with the skill of a seasoned professional. You have earned this pattern, as well as my thanks.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 4150XP (or 17Silver 40Copper at level 70)

Reward Edit

You receive: [Pattern: Wild Leather Boots]

Note Edit

If you lose this recipe, you can ask Pratt McGrubben to teach it to you again.

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [45] Wild Leather Armor (Alliance)
  2. Completing the above makes the following available:
    1. Alliance 15 [45] Wild Leather Shoulders (Alliance)
    2. Alliance 15 [45] Wild Leather Vest (Alliance)
    3. Alliance 15 [45] Wild Leather Helmet (Alliance)
  3. Completing the previous three makes the following available:
    1. Alliance 15 [45] Wild Leather Boots (Alliance)
    2. Alliance 15 [45] Wild Leather Leggings (Alliance)
  4. Completing the previous two makes the following available:
    1. Alliance 15 [45] Master of the Wild Leather (Alliance)

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