Quest:Why Fabricate When You Can Appropriate?

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Alliance 32 Why Fabricate When You Can Appropriate?
StartRaegar Breakbrow
EndRaegar Breakbrow
Requires Level 74
CategoryGrizzly Hills
Experience20,950 XP
or 1Gold25Silver69Copper at Level 110
Rewards5Gold 90Silver
PreviousThe Perfect Plan
NextWe Have the Power


Bring 8 War Golem Parts to Raegar Breakbrow at Prospector's Point.


We've got the blueprints, but we can't do anything with them without parts! We don't have access to a foundry, much less materials, but there's a whole load of parts up in Dun Argol.

Your job?

Give them a new home.

They're likely to be scattered around any of the buildings where the iron rune-smiths are working, and I wouldn't blame the irons for being cranky when you try to filch their handiwork. The more parts you can bring, the better we can make this golem.


You will receive: 5Gold 90Silver


I see you made it out in one piece. Do you have the parts?


<Raegar wipes his forehead with the back of his hand.>

Oh, no. This is going to be harder than I thought. These things don't have serial numbers or anything, do they?

Never a gnome around when you need one...

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Alliance 15 [75] Check Up on Raegar
  2. Alliance 15 [75] The Perfect Plan
  3. Alliance 15 [75] Why Fabricate When You Can Appropriate?
  4. Alliance 15 [75] We Have the Power
  5. Alliance 15 [75] ... Or Maybe We Don't
  6. Alliance 15 [75] The Iron Thane and His Anvil & Alliance 15 [75] Blackout

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