Samia wants you to capture Whelps of the Wyrmcult so she can study them.

Objectives Edit

Samia Inkling has asked you to use the Blackwhelp Net to capture 10 Wyrmcult Blackwhelps. Return them to her at Evergrove in the Blade's Edge Mountains.

You will need:

Description Edit

I need to examine the whelps that they are raising at the Blackwing Coven.

There should be an abundance of them flying around inside their cavernous base, as well as a number of eggs, which if you get close to them will likely hatch.

Please, <name>, take the net and capture a handful of them alive for me.

Find them by heading west across the Wyrmskull Bridge and heading through the Wyrmskull Tunnel. Follow the path to its end past Grishnath and the Raven's Wood.

Details Edit

  • You can use the net on the Blackwhelps without getting close enough to aggro them.
  • You can get near one of the eggs to cause it to hatch. Once the hatchling appears, you can net it before it has a chance to attack.

Reward Edit

You will receive 3Gold 90Silver, as well as one of the following
Inv helmet 30
Inv belt 13
Inv gauntlets 31
Inv pants plate 20

Progress Edit

Did you run into much trouble snatching the whelps? I hope you didn't get singed!

Completion Edit

Oh my goodness, these are more than I'd hoped for! You are certainly to be lauded for your heroics!

This looks like a fine brood of blackwhelps to make a start with. Examining them, that is.

Please, accept this as payment. I insist!

Quest progressionEdit

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