Quest:Wheel of the Black March

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Neutral 32 Wheel of the Black March
StartMor'zul Bloodbringer
EndGorzeeki Wildeyes
Requires Level 60
CategoryBurning Steppes
Experience6,600 XP
or 39Silver60Copper at Level 100


The Dreadsteed was previously only available to a Warlock who completed a long quest chain (of which this is a part), but was changed in Patch 3.0.3 to be available to all warlocks at level 61 from the mount trainer.

Wheel of the Black March

Wheel of the Black March


Bring 6 Large Brilliant Shards and 25 Dark Iron Ore to Gorzeeki in the Burning Steppes.


A Wheel of the Black March contains and directs the violent energies required for the Circle of Greater Summoning. For Gozeeki to construct a wheel, he will need both large brilliant shards from an enchanter, and dark iron ore from a master miner. Acquire these and bring them to my servant.


The Wheel of the Black March isn't easy to make, and takes a lot of materials.  Have you gathered them yet?


There they are!  I hear that dark iron ore is only found in the depths of Blackrock, and I'm sure these shards weren't easy to find either.  I am often awed at the dedication you warlocks have.  If you instead bent all that energy into the art of bug catching, oh... such a feast you would enjoy! Sorry, a small digression.  I'll create the wheel and keep it for you until you're ready for your ritual.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 6600 XP (or 39Silver at level 70)

Quest progression

Once the first questline is completed, the following materials quests become available:

In addition, once both of the introductory questlines are done, the following will be available (Note: The materials quests are not required for this):

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