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Neutral 32 What the Flux?
StartMaster Smith Burninate
EndMaster Smith Burninate
Requires Level 45
CategorySearing Gorge
Experience6,800 XP
or 40Silver79Copper at Level 110
ReputationThorium Brotherhood +250

Objective Edit

Somewhere in the Slag Pit of the Cauldron you will find the Secret Plans: Fiery Flux that Overseer Maltorius stole. Find those plans and return them to Master Smith Burninate in the Searing Gorge.

Description Edit

When that traitor, Maltorius, left our clan, he left with something more valuable than a pristine arcane crystal: Our recipe for fiery flux! I'd bet anything that the recipe was part of the deal in his new promotion amongst the Dark Irons.

I want you to get our secret plans back, <name>. I'm sure they're somewhere near Maltorius, deep inside the Slag Pit.

Progress Edit

Did you find the plans?

Completion Edit

I hope you kicked his teeth in too, <name>. Ragnaros knows, he deserved it.

Now we can get down to business.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 75Silver

Gains Edit

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