Quest:What Book? I Don't See Any Book.

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Neutral 32 What Book? I Don't See Any Book.
End"Dirty" Larry
Requires Level 64
CategoryShattrath City
Experience11,650 XP
or 69Silver89Copper at Level 100
ReputationThe Sha'tar 250
NextThe Master's Grand Design?


Ezekiel said the book has been stolen. Your best bet is to find the Ruffians and see if they have any information.

  • Beat Down "Dirty" Larry and Get Information
  • Suggested Players [3]


Ramdor? Hrm, let me think... Ramdor... Oh yes, the death priest. What does he want with the book? Well it doesn't matter. Yes I lied to you and no I don't have the book. Not anymore, anyway. It was stolen. Probably by one of those filthy refugees.

Besides, Auchindoun is now defunct. We have no use for the book. If you find it, you can keep it.

Like I said, I saw some of those ruffians snooping around the terrace last week. Start your search with them. They're probably playing dice in the slums.


Ok, ok! Don't hurt us. We had the book but we sold it...


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


You can find "Dirty" Larry in the Lower part of Shattrath City. Travel as far as you can to the most Northwestern corner. "Epic" Malone and another ruffian are with him and aggro when the fight begins.. If you don't want to solo this just sit there a moment, most likely someone else will be strolling up to do the same quest sooner or later.

Quest Progression

Quest:I See Dead Draenei/chain

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