Quest:What Argus Means to Me

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Alliance 32 What Argus Means to Me
StartExarch Admetius
EndVindicator Boros
Requires Level 10
CategoryBloodmyst Isle
Experience110 XP
or 66Copper at Level 110
Reputation+10 Exodar
NextBlood Watch

Objectives Edit

Exarch Admetius at Blood Watch has told you to speak with Vindicator Boros.

Description Edit

What does Argus mean to you, <name>? Many draenei probably do not know or remember our home planet. It is there that we split from the man'ari: the twisted demonic reflections of ourselves that were 'gifted' by Sargeras. Or as they call themselves, Eredar.

Eredar... this word once held meaning.

<Admetius smacks his lips as if to taste the word.>


Let us not waste anymore time. Find Vindicator Boros to begin your training.

Completion Edit

Ah, <name>... I've heard about you. You're the one that made the Kessel Run in under 15 minutes, right? Bah, probably not.

Are you ready to spill some blood in the name of the Light? For Velen? For Argus?

<Boros laughs.>

I'll slow down.

Gains Edit

Quest progression Edit

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