Quest:Welcome to Sholazar Basin

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Neutral 32 Welcome to Sholazar Basin
StartMonte Muzzleshot
EndHemet Nesingwary
Requires Level 76
CategorySholazar Basin
Experience10,600 XP
or 63Silver60Copper at Level 110
Rewards3Gold 10Silver
PreviousWhere in the World is Hemet Nesingwary?


Follow the path to the northwest to reach the camp that Monte mentioned.


So, where did you come from? I don't suppose that fool of an archmage sent you, too?

You're lucky to be in one piece, <laddie/lass>! They nearly blew you up!

The jungle here's a darned dangerous place, 'specially with the Venture Company about.

Git you! Go see the boss... he'll sort you out. The camp's at the end of that path to the northwest.

Now, git!


You will receive: 3Gold 10Silver


Hah! It's not often you run into a complete stranger in the middle of the jungle.

You one of those druid lackeys sent to "stop me and my evil ways?" Yeah, good luck with that one!

<Hemet lets out a hearty laugh and pats his gun.>

Didn't think so! You're more than welcome to join us in the hunt, soon as we've dealt with those Venture Company dogs. There'll be plenty to go around.

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Neutral 15 [76] Where in the World is Hemet Nesingwary?
  2. Neutral 15 [76] Welcome to Sholazar Basin

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