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Horde 32 Weapons of Spirit
StartWitch Doctor Uzer'i
EndWitch Doctor Uzer'i
Requires Level 43
Experience470-4,700 XP
or  at Level 110
RewardsForce of the Hippogryph or Spirit of the Faerie Dragon or Strength of the Treant or Will of the Mountain Giant

This quest is the culmination of a couple different quest lines from Witch Doctor Uzer'i. Completion of Natural Materials and the Muisek chain allow you to receive this quest and your choice of one of four rare weapons.

Objectives Edit

Witch Doctor Uzer'i wants you to wait for a moment while he prepares the weapons.

Description Edit

Imbuing the muisek into the weapons is a difficult process. Now that I have all of the required materials and the muisek of the creatures that you captured, I may begin. Please wait; I will return in a moment.

Reward Edit

You will be allowed to choose one of the following:
Inv axe 12
Inv hammer 23
Inv staff 25
Inv weapon halberd 05

Progress Edit

Did you get it yet?

Completion Edit

As promised, you have your choice, <name>. The muisek of the creatures has been forever sealed into the power of these weapons.

You may now wield their energy as your own. Use it well.

Quest ProgressionEdit

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