Bring Durar's Power Cell and Kathorn's Power Cell to Raegar Breakbrow at Prospector's Point.


We're almost there, but the war golem won't run without power cells. From the information I was able to collect in Dun Argol before we were discovered, both Rune-Smith Durar and Rune-Smith Kathorn each create one power cell.

We'll need one power cell from each of the rune-smiths before our golem will work.

You should be able to find each rune-smith in his workshop on the central level of Dun Argol.


You will receive: 5Gold 90Silver


Well, did you get those power cells?


<Raegar takes the batteries from you.>

Excellent! We should be all ready to go.

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Alliance 15 [75] Check Up on Raegar
  2. Alliance 15 [75] The Perfect Plan
  3. Alliance 15 [75] Why Fabricate When You Can Appropriate?
  4. Alliance 15 [75] We Have the Power
  5. Alliance 15 [75] ... Or Maybe We Don't
  6. Alliance 15 [75] The Iron Thane and His Anvil & Alliance 15 [75] Blackout

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