Quest:We All Must Sacrifice

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Both 32 We All Must Sacrifice
StartEye of Twilight
EndEye of Twilight
Requires Level 84
CategoryTwilight Highlands
Experience55,200 XP
or 3Gold31Silver19Copper at Level 100
PreviousAlliance 15A Vision of Twilight
Horde 15A Vision of Twilight
NextAlliance 15The Eyes Have It
Horde 15The Eyes Have It

Objectives Edit

Slay 10 Shaman of the Black.

Description Edit

<The eye speaks to you, its 'voice' reverberating as if coming from everywhere at once.>

You seek my sight, <race>? My powers come at a price. These disciples of the Twilight have been honoring me with the blood of Wildhammer dwarves from the nearby ruins, but still I thirst. Perhaps you can do better.

Slay my old masters, and my vision is yours. Honor me with the slaughter of the Shaman of the Black. Blood is blood, after all.


<The Eye glimmers darkly, colors swirling about its dusky surface.>

Ah, the succulent thrill of life extinguished. Do you feel it, <class>? Do you relish it as I do?

No, I see not. You fight to protect the lives of others. Pity.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

Quest progressionEdit

Alliance 15 Alliance chain
  1. Alliance 15 [84] A Coward's Due
  2. Complete the following:
  3. Alliance 15 [84] Fight Like a Wildhammer
  4. Complete all of the following:
  5. Alliance 15 [84] Last Stand at Thundermar
  6. Alliance 15 [84] Narkrall, The Drake-Tamer
Horde 15 Horde chain
  1. Horde 15 [84] Narkrall, the Drake-Tamer
  2. Complete the following:
  3. Complete all of the following:

Patch changes Edit

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Alliance 15 Alliance Horde 15 Horde
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