Wavethrashing is a hunter only quest in Azshara.

Objectives Edit

Bring 6 Wavethrasher Scales to Ogtinc in Azshara. Ogtinc resides atop the cliffs northeast the Ruins of Eldarath.

Details Edit

Wavethrashers can be located at coordinates [87, 26] and in the beach area surrounding these coordinates.

Description Edit

The wavethrasher is an amphibious beast living only here in Azshara. They are powerful and resilient.

The tough, reflective scales from a wavethrasher mirror the strength of the hunter.

Track and hunt wavethrashers along the coast of Azshara, and bring me their scales.

Progress Edit

Have you met with success?


The wavethrashers are not easily defeated, even more so in their watery environment.

You have proven yourself ready to hunt even deadlier prey.

Quest ProgressionEdit

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