Quest:Waterlogged Recipe

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Neutral 32 Waterlogged Recipe
Start[Waterlogged Recipe]
EndChristi Stockton
Requires Level 70
Experience24,254 XP
or 1Gold45Silver52Copper at Level 110
Reputation+250 Kirin Tor
Rewards5 Inv misc ribbon 01
7Gold 40Silver

This quest is from finding or buying a [Waterlogged Recipe], which is rarely found within a [Bag of Fishing Treasures].

Objectives Edit

Bring the Waterlogged Recipe to Christi Stockton in Dalaran City.

Description Edit

This appears to be the remains of a mixture for potent wine. Perhaps the proprietor of One More Glass in Dalaran would be interested in it....

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 13Gold 23Silver
Inv misc ribbon 01
5x [Dalaran Cooking Award]

Progress Edit

Wine is only as fine as the person drinking it, I always say.

Completion Edit

This is quite a find, <name>. I can't have you selling this to anyone else, so I'm willing to offer generously.

Gains Edit

  • 24254 XP or 13Gold 23Silver at level 80
  • 250 reputation with the Kirin Tor

Notes Edit

This item can be traded with other players.

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