Objectives Edit

Recover Sea Creature Bones from the beached sea creature just south of Auberdine, and then return with it to Gwennyth Bly'Leggonde in Auberdine.

Description Edit

Majestic sea creatures are known to launch themselves at the Darkshore coastline, beached there until they die. Lately, these beasts have been washing ashore in ever-increasing numbers. I've been sent here by the Temple of the Moon to investigate, but the presence of murlocs along the water has made my research difficult.

There is a giant creature washed ashore just south of Auberdine that is ringed by the foul Greymist murlocs. Could you go there and retrieve bones from the creature for our study?

Reward Edit

You will receive:4Silver

Progress Edit

It is only recently that these creatures started landing on the coast of Darkshore in such alarming numbers. I can't help but think that this is an ill omen of some sort. Recovering a sample of that creature's bones to the south would help us in Darnassus assess this situation!

Completion Edit

I hope the murloc did not give you much trouble in collecting this for us! I will be sure to get this on the next hippogryph to Darnassus. The Temple of the Moon has given me some funds to hand out for assistance; please have some with our thanks.

Your success here emboldens me to offer you a chance to aid the Temple of the Moon further, if you are interested...

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [13] Washed Ashore
  2. Alliance 15 [14] Washed Ashore

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