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Horde 32 Warsong Saw Blades
Requires Level 22

Prerequisites Edit

Must have started the quest Horde 15 [27] Warsong Supplies

Objectives Edit

Give a Deadly Blunderbuss to Pixel at Splintertree Post in Ashenvale.

Items Needed:

Quest Text Edit

Direct from Ratchet, the Warsong saw blades! Yep, I have them right here.

..But what sort of payment do you have for me? You can't just take them, you know! My time isn't cheap!

What I really need is a good gun to carry with me on my travels. A girl's gotta protect herself, you know? There's a gun I really like that I'm sure an engineer would have no problem making.

So, if you bring me a deadly blunderbuss, I'll give you the saw blade shipment. Do we have a deal?

Details Edit

  • Engineers can make Deadly Blunderbusses. You can also find them in the Auction House often.

Reward Edit

Additional Notes Edit

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