Quest:Warsong Outrider Update

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Horde 32 Warsong Outrider Update
StartWarsong Outrider
EndWarsong Outrider
Requires Level 17
Rewards[Warsong Outrider Update]

Objectives Edit

Much danger lies along this path, <name>. You'd do best to remember this while traveling in these lands. The threat of the alliance is quite near.

We are faced by enemies on all fronts. The satyr are a formidable and prevalent force in eastern Ashenvale. I have also discovered that the naga have taken over a large area of the land of Azshara.

It's good to see that we are still bolstering our numbers -- be ready for what lies ahead, <name>.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:
Inv letter 12

Completion Edit

Take my update to Kadrak. Swiftly, <name>.

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