Objective Edit

Sorceress Kaylana in Wintergrasp wants you to retrieve 10 sets of Imbued Horde Armor at the Glacial Falls.

Description Edit

<Name>, good to see you. We must prepare for our next assault on the fortress. My research indicates that the armor of soldiers recently slain in the Glacial Falls becomes imbued with an incredible amount of energy. The Horde has been collecting armor in the area.

Head to the Glacial Falls and slay any of the Horde you find there. Return their imbued armor to me.

If you cannot find any of the Horde, you might find the armor of an adventurer slain by the elementals.

Sorceress Kaylana says: The Glacial Falls is a dangerous place, <name>. The Horde will be just as happy to claim your armor for their vile hoodoo magics.

Progress Edit

So, did you find the armor?

Completion Edit

Augh. It's still dripping. Couldn't you have at least dried it off first?

Rewards Edit

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