Quest:Warding the Walls

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Horde 32 Warding the Walls
StartOfficial horde mini-icon Hoodoo Master Fu'jin
EndOfficial horde mini-icon Hoodoo Master Fu'jin
Requires Level 78
TypeWeekly PvP
Rewards10 Inv misc platnumdisks [Stone Keeper's Shard]
7Gold 40Silver (+13Gold 23Silver at level 80)

Objective Edit

Hoodoo Master Fu'jin at Wintergrasp Fortress wants you to retrieve 10 Enchanted Alliance Breastplates at the Glacial Falls.

Description Edit

Hey 'mon. This place be givin' me dah heebie jeebies, don't cha know?

Way too many spirits haunting dis place. I want ta be placing hoodoo wards up, but I be needin' some souls, mon. Not any soul though, only da soul of a strong warrior could do da job.

The Glacial Falls in east Wintergrasp be havin' dem special properties to extract da soul. Slay the Alliance there, mebbe they be havin' the stuff we need.

Bring back da armor of the slain. If there be no Alliance maybe da elementals got 'em, mon.

Completion Edit

Ooh, ya dats da stuff, mon!

Rewards Edit

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