Quest:Wanted: A Black Stalker Egg

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Neutral 32 Wanted: A Black Stalker Egg
StartWind Trader Zhareem
EndWind Trader Zhareem
TypeHeroic Daily
CategoryCoilfang Reservoir
ReputationCenarion Expedition +350
Consortium +350
Rewards2x [Badge of Justice]
13Gold 20Silver (+ 11Gold 40Silver at level 70)
RepeatableRandom Daily"Random Daily" is not recognized as a Boolean (true/false) value.

Wanted: A Black Stalker Egg is one of the random heroic mode Daily Quests given by Wind Trader Zhareem in Shattrath City.

Objectives Edit

Wind Trader Zhareem has asked you to obtain a Black Stalker Egg. Deliver it to him in Shattrath's Lower City to collect the reward. This quest may only be completed on Heroic difficulty.

Description Edit

There is only ever one great mother of the marsh walkers in Zangarmarsh. She is always known as the Black Stalker, and she hatches from one of the eggs left behind when the mother dies.

I have a buyer who is interested in one of those eggs. He mentioned something about adding her as a zoo attraction.

If you are interested in the reward I am offering, travel to the Underbog and slay the Black Stalker for her egg.

Progress Edit

We're speaking again because you have the egg? Outstanding, let me see it!

Reward Edit

You will receive: 13Gold 20Silver + 11Gold 40Silver at level 70

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Details Edit

This quest simply requires completing Heroic Underbog. It was added in 2.3 as part of a series to give more incentive to run Heroic instances.

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