Objectives Edit

Deep within the Slag Pit of the Cauldron, in the Searing Gorge, you will find the traitorous Dark Iron dwarf named Overseer Maltorius.

Slay Overseer Maltorius and take his head. Return the head to Lookout Captain Lolo Longstriker in the Searing Gorge for your reward.

Description Edit

By order o' 'is eminence, Overseer Oilfist, the rogue Thorium Brotherhood agent an' newly hired commander o' the Dark Iron Slag Pit crew o' the Cauldron, Overseer Maltorius, is to be killed an' 'is head brung back as proof o' the deed.

See Lookout Captan Lolo Longstriker fer the reward on this bounty.

Progress Edit

Can't ya shee I'm bushy? What *hic* ish it ya be wantin? *hic*

Completion Edit

I never thunk I'd be lookin' at thish ugly mug again!

He acshually looksh better without the resht o' him attached.

Here's yer reward *hic*, <race>.

Reward Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv chest leather 03
[Charred Leather Tunic]
Inv chest chain 13
[Seared Mail Vest]

Gains Edit

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