Quest:WANTED: Baron Longshore

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Neutral 32 WANTED: Baron Longshore
Requires Level 11
Experience120 XP
or 72Copper at Level 100

Objectives Edit

Bring the head of Baron Longshore to Gazlowe in Ratchet.

Quest Text Edit


Baron Longshore, Captain of the Heedless

Captain Longshore of Gilneas leads vessels of the Southsea Freebooters, and is wanted on charges of piracy. Remains must be in identifiable condition!

-- Gazlowe

Progress Edit

What's happening? Something I can help you with? Goods to ship, perhaps an engineering job?

Completion Edit

Ahhhh! That sort of business. You know, I saw the Heedless once on the open seas. Fearsome ship, or was that boat... those sailors are so particular!

Anyways, watching her glide across the water was quite a sight to see. I'm glad her infamous captain will trouble my ships no longer.

Details Edit

The Baron can be found at any of three camp sites along the shore south of Ratchet and just north of Northwatch Hold, along the Merchant Coast. He respawns within 2 minutes of dying. The wanted poster that starts the quest is to the left of the Ratchet bank.

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