Objectives Edit

Kill Ol' Sooty then show your handiwork to Daryl the Youngling at the Farstrider Lodge.

Description Edit

I don't suppose you'd be interested in a little payback for His Boldness? Daryl does have some skill, it pains me to say. A year ago, a large bear had been the target of the Farstrider Lodge, but none of the hunters had any luck with him. So, Daryl thought he'd try his hand against him. All he had to show for his effort was that ugly scar over his eye. Kill the bear, and I'm sure even Daryl would be speechless for once. The bear, Ol' Sooty, can be found around his lair in the hills over Thelsamar.

Progress Edit

Ah, <name>! Back so soon? No doubt you've been at the hunt again? Don't worry if you've had some setbacks, in the long run it will make you better! ...You couldn't get much worse, anyway...

Completion Edit

Er... what's this? A bear's head, by the looks at it. <He runs a finger along his scar unconsciously.> Well, that's quite an interesting kill you have yourself there. Couldn't be that bear from back then... <He trails off then starts to visibly shake.> Oh, take that away take it away! Get that grisly thing out of here!

Gains Edit

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [16] A Hunter's Boast
  2. Alliance 15 [17] A Hunter's Challenge
  3. Alliance 15 [20] Vyrin's Revenge
  4. Alliance 15 [20] Vyrin's Revenge

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