This is an escort quest in which the player must protect Muglash as he draws out and defeats Vorsha the Lasher, a hydra.

Objectives Edit

Keep Muglash safe as he travels to the brazier. Help him by putting the brazier out, then protect him as you fight against the Naga.

If you are successful, return to the Zoram'gar Outpost and inform the Warsong Runner of the death of Vorsha the Lasher.

Description Edit

Vorsha the Lasher... the fiendish hydra that roams the seas...

She has attacked our outpost, each time unprovoked, laying waste to anything that falls in her path.

But I am ready, <name>. I have prepared to best the hydra and end these attacks on Zoram'gar.

The naga honor the wicked nature of this beast with a brazier that remains lit on an island just off the coast. I believe that if we put it out, Vorsha will appear in anger.

We will need help, so be sure to bring some strong allies.


I have witnessed many naga attacks since I arrived here. It puts my mind at ease that Vorsha will no longer roam freely.

We are in your debt, <name>.

Rewards Edit

You will receive
Inv jewelry ring 02

Notes Edit

Muglash, who starts the quest, is located at the Zoram'gar Outpost. Once finished, you must turn the quest into the Warsong Runner who is also located at the outpost.

Muglash will help you out in this fight. Two or three waves of naga, and finally Vorsha itself, will spawn and must be killed. If Muglash dies, the quest will fail.

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