Void Ridge sends the player the Void Ridge to find items that will improve Ogath's warp rift generator.

Objectives Edit

Go to Void Ridge and kill the creatures you find. Collect 40 Void Ridge Soul Shards and return them to Ogath the Mad in Spinebreaker Post.

You will need:

Description Edit

We have to improve my warp rift generator. You must take it to Void Ridge. Head east of here. You must avoid the foul fort of Zeth'Gor. To the east beyond Zeth'Gor is a small pass through the mountains. Through this pass you will find Void Ridge, a terrible place on the edge of the abyss.

You must kill the walkers that you find there, and bring me shards of their souls. With their power we will improve upon the warp rift generator and open a portal to the beyond that cannot be closed.

Details Edit

Void Ridge is to the east of Spinebreaker Post. You will find two types of voidwalkers there which have a chance of dropping one or more Shards.

  1. Collapsing Voidwalkers - These are melee voidwalkers that will explode for Shadow damage (approximately 1500 damage) when they die. Around 10% health, they will try to self-destruct anyway. Run away when you see the self-destruct message. If you have a shadow protection ability, it's a good idea to use it here.
  1. Vacillitating Voidwalkers - These will absorb the first magic spell cast at them and will become resistant to that type of magic. They will also use that spell back at you. Try to use a type of magic you have high resistance too. Shamans would be wise to use Frost Shock and Frost Resistance totem as shamans usually use more nature/fire magic. If you aren't a spellcaster, they will fire shadowbolts at a very fast rate (1.5 sec cast time). For melee classes, it might be better to stick with Collapsing Voidwalkers.

Progress Edit

You have done it then? You have the shards that we need?

Completion Edit

Excellent, the warp rift generator is almost complete. There is only one final ingredient we require. Soon we shall be able to open up a warp rift to the deepest parts of the abyss.

Who knows what strange creature may come through? Think of it <name>, the power such knowledge will bring is limitless.

Quest ProgressionEdit

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