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Horde 32 Verdant Note
StartGrull Hawkwind
EndGart Mistrunner
Requires Level 1
Experience40 XP
or 24Copper at Level 110

Objectives Edit

Read the Verdant Note and speak to Gart Mistrunner in Camp Narache.

Progress Edit

You have arrived. This is good. Our ancestors' sprits have become restless throughout Mulgore and beyond, but I cannot tell why. It will forever by your duty to learn to listen to nature's spirits, and act as their avatar. Be mindful of that.

Completion Edit

Though we share a common bond, do not expect much welcome from the night elves. Their pride still limits their sight, but that is none of our concern. The teachings of the Earthmother are all you must concern yourself with, and I will teach you what I know as you grow in wisdom.

Return to be often, <Name>. You will find that the Earthmother grants incredible abilities to those who are most dedicated.

Description Edit

Just a moment ago a messenger was looking for you, <Name>. I believe she was sent by the druid trainer Gart. If this note is from Gart, I wouldn't take long in reading its contents.

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