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Neutral 32 The Vengeful Harbinger
StartHigh Priest Orglum
EndDraenei Ascendant
Requires Level 63
CategoryTerokkar Forest
Experience13,750 XP
or 82Silver50Copper at Level 100
Reputation+250 Lower City
Rewards[Ancient Draenei War Talisman] or [Ancient Draenei Arcane Relic]
PreviousNeutral 15 [65] The Infested Protectors


High Priest Orglum wants you to journey into the Tomb of Lights and use the Draenei Tomb Relic near the Ancient Draenei Altar.

Defend the Tomb Guardian and defeat the Vengeful Harbinger. When the ritual is complete, speak with the Draenei Ascendant at the Ancient Draenei Altar.


The Tomb of Lights has become corrupted by the Shadow Council and the draenei dead have become cursed spirits, angry and confused with a burning hatred for the living.

Before I left Shattrath I was given a draenei tomb relic. It can be used near the Ancient Draenei Altar deep within the Tomb of Lights to summon a tomb guardian. This creature will activate the altar and will begin to purge the tomb of corrupt spirits, freeing them to ascend. Protect the tomb guardian until the ritual is complete.


You have saved us all. What can we do to thank you?


You cannot know what you have done here <name>. You have saved so many of us from an eternity of darkness. There is little that I can do for the living and nothing that I could give that would thank you enough. Take what seems useful to you.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv jewelry talisman 14
Inv jewelry talisman 13



File:Vengeful Draenei Spirit.jpg
  • Go to the bottom of the Tomb of Lights, straight down the passages to the far end.
  • Clear any pesky ethereals you find, you will need the breathing room. Do not dawdle, as they will respawn in not much longer than it takes to complete this quest.
  • Activate the Tomb Relic at the circular area at the end. A wisp-like apparition will appear and float to the top of the arching pillars, which will start energy arcing between them.
  • The Guardian will appear, and the hall will fill with small wisp-motes. Ghostly Draenei will be pulled from the coffins and walls to the Guardian, who will purge them.
  • Within a minute or so, 4 vengeful spirits will appear at the far end of the hall and walk towards the guardian. You must defeat these.
  • A short while later, 4 more will appear. (This is timed; you may still be fighting the first four.)
  • And a short while after that, the Vengeful Harbinger itself will appear. (Again, believed to be timed.) As with the other spirits, he will walk towards the guardian. Unlike with the other spirits, the Guardian will take a few steps out of his circle towards the Harbinger.
  • Presumably, you must defeat the Harbinger. (He is targettable, so the assumption is that this is not a fixed script.)
  • When the Harbinger has been defeated, the Guardian will approach the body. A huge zap of electricity between them, and the guardian will fall to the floor. The Harbinger, though, will arise from the "body", float to the circle, and be purged.
  • Shortly thereafter, small pink motes will dance around the circle for perhaps half a minute. Following this, a pink Draenei image will appear.
  • You have perhaps 30 seconds in which to "talk to" this image, select your reward, and complete the quest before the image disappears again. (Do Not Dawdle!)



  1. The quest is fixed, fully and completely.
  2. The quest was just simply bugged.
  3. The quest was fixed, but only for people who took the quest after the patch.
  4. If the quest fails to complete for some reason, it is broken until the next server reset.
  5. The mobs should be fought close enough that the guardian will "see" them (or perhaps the last of them) die. That is, the quest is fixed, people just are not managing to hit the triggers correctly.

Please go to [[Talk:Quest:The Vengeful Harbinger]] and discuss these theories and your own experiences.

  • This is the second of two powerfull trinkets that you can aquire early into Outland which you will keep far into Northrend before you find replacements of the like. The first trinket is aquired via the Alliance 15 [58] Overlord quest. Both quests offer caster and melee DPS trinkets which will greatly speed up leveling into Northrend. When I hit level 58 and 63 I stop whatever I'm doing and head out to complete these quest chains and aquire the two trinkets. Then i create a macro like so:

"#show (spell or ability)"

/use 13

/use 14

/cast (spell or ability)

Do not include quotation marks or spaces. The spell or ability I put this on is the one I use most frequently, that way they are activated as soon as the cooldown is up.

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