Quest:Vengeance on the Northspring

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Horde 32 Vengeance on the Northspring
StartTalo Thornhoof
EndTalo Thornhoof
Requires Level 45
Experience3,550 XP
or 21Silver30Copper at Level 110
Reputation+150 Thunder Bluff

Objectives Edit

Talo Thornhoof wants you to kill 4 Northspring Harpies, 4 Northspring Roguefeathers, 4 Northspring Windcallers, and 4 Northspring Slayers.

Description Edit

In my day, I was a seasoned hunter. There wasn't any creature around that I feared. Until...

I was out in the forest, sharpening my blade after a tough battle, when I was ambushed. Harpies surrounded me, and I barely managed to drag myself to safety.

Even now, I can still hear their cries echoing...

I was never the same after that. But the hate boils inside of me -- I must get even, after all these years.

The Northspring harpies can be found to the west of here. <name>, get my revenge.

Reward Edit

You will receive: 55Silver

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