Quest:Vengeance Be Mine!

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Neutral 32 Vengeance Be Mine!
StartBrigg Smallshanks
EndBrigg Smallshanks
Requires Level 78
CategoryUtgarde Pinnacle
Experience44,100 XP
or 2Gold64Silver59Copper at Level 110
RewardsChoose one of:
[Cowl of the Vindictive Captain]
[Headguard of Retaliation]
[Helmet of Just Retribution]
[Faceguard of Punishment]
[Platehelm of Irate Revenge]
26Gold 46Silver at lvl 80

Objectives Edit

Brigg in Utgarde Pinnacle wants you to kill King Ymiron.

Description Edit

Och! They cannae be blamed, <lad/lass>. Who'da done different?

They hurled themselves at them piles o' gold - thought they'd hit the mother lode, they did. Aye... But look at 'em now. Mindless servants unable to pick up a single doubloon.

Only luck spared me from the same fate. In the scurry I got knocked down - was a wee bit tipsy to begin with. Looked up ta see the first of 'em turn...

Be a good <lad/lass> and find the one in charge here and teach 'em not ta be cursin' me mates.


Ya find the one in charge here, <race>? Did ya make 'em suffer?

Completion Edit

Splendid! Mebbe now me mateys be able ta rest in peace.

Here ya go, lad.Don't let it be said that ol' Brigg weren't generous ta those who showed 'im a kindness.

Good doin' business wit yeh.

Rewards Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv helmet 107
[Cowl of the Vindictive Captain]
Inv helmet 04
[Headguard of Retaliation]
Inv helmet 104
[Helmet of Just Retribution]
Inv helmet 130
[Faceguard of Punishment]
Inv helmet 130
[Platehelm of Irate Revenge]

You will also receive: 44100 XP or 26Gold 46Silver at level 80

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