Text of this quest to the contrary, this is not a daily quest.

The quest Let the Baron Know is a prerequisite for this.

Objectives Edit

Duke Lankral at The Shadow Vault wants you to burn 10 Vrykul Banners.

Description Edit

Let us see if we can further weaken the resolve of the vrykul, <name>.

Each day I wish you to travel to Jotunheim and put their banners to the torch. It may seem a trivial thing, but to see their ancestral home vandalized on a daily basis will demoralize them more than any physical punishment you can inflict.

At least... it can't hurt.

Progress Edit

You have more work to do.

Completion Edit

<The duke looks at you a moment and nods.>

You're inflicting horrible mental trauma on the Jotunheim vrykul. This is where they were first reawakened. It is a place of significant importance to them, second only to Ymirheim.

You must keep up the pressure there while I hold the vault from the assault of the Lich King.

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