Use the Valkyrion Harpoon Guns to burn 6 Dry Haystacks.

  • Fires Started (6)


The crate is filled with incendiary harpoons. You recall seeing harpoon guns and dry stacks of hay outside.

Perhaps Iva will appreciate the extra effort and reward you appropriately.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv helmet 125
[Flamebringer's Crown]
Inv boots plate 07
[Steel-tipped Snowboots]
Inv chest chain 08
[Valkyrion Tracker's Chestguard]
Inv boots 08
[Wooly Stompers]




Now that is what I call dedication! Those traitors might have a new master now, but they'll never forget their sisters' parting gift.


Pick up this quest in the largest building in Valkyrion, typically after killing Combat 15 Yulda the Stormspeaker.

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