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Horde 32 Ursangous's Paw
StartUrsangous's Paw
EndCaptain Tarkan
Requires Level 19
Experience1,950 XP
or 11Silver70Copper at Level 110
Reputation250 Warsong Offensive

Once you kill Ursangous, loot Ursangous's Paw to start the quest.

Objectives Edit

Bring Ursangous's Paw to Captain Tarkan[50, 67] at Silverwind Refuge.


Description Edit

The mighty bear Ursangous is no more!

The small quarter-crescent emblem on its paw indicates that this beast was trained by the night elves to prowl the forest in search of their enemies. There is no telling how many of your Horde allies fell to this creature.

The paw should be brought to Tarkan at Silverwind Refuge. He will be pleased that such a weapon has been removed from the enemy's arsenal.

Progress Edit

What is it, <race>?

Completion Edit

The paw of Ursangous!

Have you any idea what trouble this beast has caused us over the years? Those days are over now, thanks to you.

I shall forward this trophy on to Orgrimmar to be put on display, along with your account of its death.



You will gain:

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