Quest:Up, Up & Away!

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Horde 32 Up, Up & Away!
StartSassy Hardwrench
EndForeman Dampwick
Requires Level 1
CategoryLost Isles
Experience65 XP
or 38Copper at Level 100
Reputation+10 Bilgewater Cartel
PreviousFarewell, For Now
NextIt's A Town-In-A-Box

The Rocket Sling


Riding the rocket to the next island.

Objectives Edit

Survive the Rocket Sling shot across the Dire Strait.

  • Rocket Sling Trip Survived

Description Edit

While you were rescuing the Warchief and saving us all from the Alliance, Foreman Dampwick built this rocket sling to shoot us over the shark-infested strait to the bigger island.

Luckily for us, the foreman managed to salvage a Town-In-A-Box from the shipwreck. Once you get it set up, we'll have a town of our own. I can't wait to sleep in a bed again!

Dampwick's down there at the Landing Site, waiting for you. Why don't you take the next rocket over?

Completion Edit

<Name>, I sure am glad you survived the trip... not everyone did!

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

Notes Edit

On accept:

Trade Prince Gallywix yells: You think you're such a bigshot, saving everyone and making friends with these orc savages?!
Trade Prince Gallywix yells: I'm going to crush you! I'm the Trade Prince! Me! I've got a plan that's going to get me off this island and make me the king of Azshara!
Trade Prince Gallywix yells: Mark my words! I'm going to get you, <name>! I'll get you all! Out of my way!
Gallywix runs to the rocket sling and takes off.

Talk to the rocket sling:

Is this really a good idea?

Gossipgossipicon Up, Up & Away!

In the Dire Strait is Combat 15 The Hammer, a level 8 elite shark and a few Combat 15 Ravenous Lurkers. At the Landing Site, Foreman Dampwick stands just ahead.

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Official horde mini-icon [7] Don't Go Into the Light!
  2. Official horde mini-icon [6] Goblin Escape Pods
  3. Official horde mini-icon [6] Get Our Stuff Back! / Official horde mini-icon [6] It's Our Problem Now / Official horde mini-icon [6] Monkey Business
  4. Official horde mini-icon [6] Help Wanted
  5. Official horde mini-icon [6] Miner Troubles
  6. Mandatory side quests: Official horde mini-icon [6] Capturing the Unknown, Official horde mini-icon [6] Orcs Can Write?
  7. Official horde mini-icon [6] The Enemy of My Enemy
  8. Official horde mini-icon [6] The Vicious Vale
  9. Official horde mini-icon [6] Weed Whacker
  10. Official horde mini-icon [7] Back to Aggra
  11. Official horde mini-icon [7] Forward Movement
  12. Official horde mini-icon [7] Infrared = Infradead
  13. Official horde mini-icon [7] To The Cliffs
  14. Official horde mini-icon [7] Get To The Gyrochoppa!
  15. Official horde mini-icon [7] Precious Cargo
  16. Official horde mini-icon [7] Meet Me Up Top
  17. Official horde mini-icon [7] Warchief's Revenge
  18. Official horde mini-icon [7] Farewell, For Now
  19. Official horde mini-icon [7] Up, Up & Away!

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