Quest:Unlocking the Compendium

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Neutral 32 The Sigil of Krasus
StartImage of Archmage Vargoth
EndImage of Archmage Vargoth
Requires Level 67
Experience12,300 XP
or 73Silver79Copper at Level 100
Rewards4Gold 10Silver
PreviousKrasus's Compendium
NextSummoner Kanthin's Prize

Objective Edit

Obtain the Heliotrope Oculus from Spellreaver Marathelle at Sunfury Hold. Use Archmage Vargoth's Staff to contact the archmage once you have achieved your goal.

If you lose Archmage Vargoth's Staff, speak to Ravandwyr at Area 52 to receive a replacement.

Details Edit

This quest is the 6th step in a quest chain in Netherstorm that begins with Neutral 15 [68] The Archmage's Staff.

Description Edit

While I'm glad to have most of Krasus's Compendium back, it's useless without the heliotrope oculus. You see, Krasus was well aware of the sheer power of the spells recorded in the book and took steps to safeguard them from prying eyes.

Only a knowledgeable mage can use the oculus to unlock the compendium's secrets.

During Kael'thas's attack, one of his lieutenants, Spellreaver Marathelle, looted it and took it to Sunfury Hold northeast of the tower. No doubt she thought it a pretty little bauble.


Have you recovered the oculus?


Excellent, <name>. Now, we have most of what we'll need to attempt to break Kael'thas's magic.

And if the blood elves suffer from the loss of their local commander, so much the better.

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Neutral 15 [68] The Archmage's Staff
  2. Neutral 15 [69] Rebuilding the Staff
  3. Neutral 15 [68] Curse of the Violet Tower
  4. Neutral 15 [69] The Sigil of Krasus
  5. Neutral 15 [69] Krasus's Compendium
  6. Neutral 15 [69] Unlocking the Compendium
  7. Neutral 15 [69] Summoner Kanthin's Prize
  8. Neutral 15 [69] Ar'kelos the Guardian
Though not part of the chain, Neutral 15 [67] Finding the Keymaster follows the history.

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