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This quest was part of the Scourge Invasion which was a world event in Patch 3.0.2 that heralded the release of Wrath of the Lich King. Once the event has run its course the quest will no longer be available.

Neutral 32 Under the Shadow
StartCommander Thomas Helleran
EndCommander Thomas Helleran
Requires Level 50
CategoryScourge Invasion
Rewards[Blessed Wizard Oil] (2) or [Consecrated Sharpening Stone] (2)

Under the Shadow is one of the Scourge Invasion quests. This quest must be completed in order to purchase items in exchange for Necrotic Runes from any of the Argent Quartermasters at Light's Hope Chapel or the Argent Dawn camps found in capital cities.

Objectives Edit

Check your map to find an area under Scourge attack. Go there and damage a necropolis by defeating the Scourge around them. Return 10 of their Necrotic Runes to Commander Thomas Helleran at Light's Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands.

Description Edit

The floating necropolises of the Scourge plague the lands of Horde and Alliance alike. Tanaris, the Blasted Lands, Winterspring and the Burning Steppes are blanketed in the shadows of the flying fortresses.

Only through our combined efforts will they be turned away.

The necropolises are supported by magical circles at various points in the invaded areas. We have determined that destroying the mindless hordes that surround these circles will destroy their defenses.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv potion 26
2x [Blessed Wizard Oil]
Inv stone sharpeningstone 02
2x [Consecrated Sharpening Stone]

Completion Edit

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