This quest goes well alongside Ormer's Revenge.

Objectives Edit

Prospector Whelgar wants you to scour the excavation site in search of the 4 missing tablet fragments: Ados, Modr, Golm and Neru.

Description Edit

Just before the invasion I uncovered a large tablet called the Goaz Stone. The translated text breaks off in 4 places. The text speaks of a "divine plan" and a "doomed prophecy."

I fear we are running out of time. I am too old to go down and brave those beasts. But you are strong.

Scour the excavation site and uncover the 4 missing tablet fragments: Ados, Modr, Golm and Neru. Search for them in ancient artifacts or where the soil is loose. Bring them to me so I can begin unlocking the mystery!


You will receive: 25Silver
Inv shoulder 05
[Silk Mantle of Gamn]

Progress Edit

Have you uncovered the four fragments yet, <name>? Ados, Modr, Golm and Neru...

Completion Edit

Ah the Goaz Stone is complete! Fine work, <name>. Fine work indeed. Now I can continue with the delicate translation of this Titan script. I can make out new words already! Hmm... it says here, "Old Gods... Chained Beneath the Land." This is the beginning of something epic.

Notes Edit

The 4 items you need to search appear randomly throughout the excavation site. You will need to brave against the Razormaws and Scytheclaws to get to them.

At least two of the possible locations for these items require getting past Sarltooth, on the western wall (accessed from the north). As such, it may be possible to complete the Ormer's Revenge series of quests at the same time.

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