Objectives Edit

Return to Carlin Redpath at Crown Guard Tower in Eastern Plaguelands.

Description Edit

I'm going to play with dolly, but I don't want to play with daddy's sword after all. You'd better keep it.

Even better, can you give it to my uncle Carlin? I'm not sure where he is, but sometimes I hear him crying. It sounds like he's nearby, to the north.

I hope he's not crying for me! <name>, will you find my uncle and tell him I'm alright?

If you find him say I'm waiting for him, and I want to hear the story he used to tell... the one about the rabbits and the berry jam! That story's so funny!

Progress Edit

Any news of my Pammy?

Completion Edit

You've seen Pamela? She's alive?

She's dead? No! Oh, Pamela! Why does your spirit still suffer in this world? Why are you perished, while fortune keeps me alive? In an instant I would switch places with you and wander dead Darrowshire, a ghost and alone!

Ah, but this news cannot change fate. Thank you, <name>. Now my duty, my duty to revenge, burns hot as ever.

Say, what is that sword you have there?

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