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Neutral 32 Uncle Carlin
StartPamela Redpath
EndCarlin Redpath
Requires Level 50
CategoryEastern Plaguelands
Experience2,900 XP
or 17Silver39Copper at Level 100
PreviousPamela's Doll
While associated with the Rewriting the Battle of Darrowshire quest chain quest chain, this quest is not a required part of it.

Objectives Edit

Find Carlin Redpath.

Description Edit

Sometimes, when it's nighttime, I can hear my Uncle Carlin crying. It sounds like he's far away, to the east.

I hope he's not crying for me! <name>, will you find my uncle and tell him I'm alright?

If you find him say I'm waiting for him, and I want to hear the story he used to tell... the one about the rabbits and the berry jam! That story's so funny!

Completion Edit

You've seen Pamela?  She's alive?

She's dead?  No!  Oh, Pamela!  Why does your spirit still suffer in this world.  Why are you perished, while fortune keeps me alive?  In an instant I would switch places with you and wander dead Darrowshire, a ghost and alone!

Ah, but this news cannot change fate.  Thank you, <name>.  Now my duty, my duty to revenge, burns hot as ever.  

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 2900 XP (or 17Silver 40Copper at level 70)

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