Objectives Edit

Retrieve the Advisor's Pack and Advisor's Rapier from their holding places in the Angor Fortress and return them to Advisor Sarophas at Kargath.


This is Kargath? Oh, dear. I expected a, a... well, some kind of settlement, some sign of civilization here in the wilderness.

There must be a mistake; surely this hovel full of uncouth, unwashed, sniggering savages can't be the headquarters of the Expeditionary Force. The loutish barbarians had the gall to laugh at me when I told them about how the Dark Iron dwarves robbed me and then disappeared into the Angor Fortress. I can count on you to help me recover my possessions and my dignity, can't I?


For Sunstrider's sake, don't stare at me! It's bad enough I'm forced to endure out here in my soiled clothing! After all I've been through, the last thing I need is to be gawked at. Did you manage to collect my possessions from that hole-in-the-ground those Dark Irons call a fortress?


You're a miracle worker, <name>! I tell you, I've never been so eager for a change of clothes in my life.

And my rapier! I felt positively naked without my blade.

You are to be commended and rewarded for your efforts. Never let it be said that Sarophas failed to acknowledge the little people who've helped him along the way!


You will receive: 50Silver


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