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Hexxer Ubungo at The Argent Stand has asked you to investigate the main altar building at the Altar of Sseratus.

  • Main building at the Altar of Sseratus investigated.


There's trouble at the altar of the snake god.

The presence of the Scourge has weakened the land, <race>. This in turn has weakened the wild gods.

We know that the Drakkari are taking advantage of this to do evil things to the gods.

I need you to be my eyes and ears. The Altar of Sseratus is at the end of the avenue to the north. Sneak around the back and get a look inside of the main altar building.

Whatever you do, avoid the prophet at all costs!


You will receive: 6Gold 20Silver


What did you see, <race>?



<The hexxer's spirit is visibly lowered at the news you bring.>

They've killed Sseratus and drunk deeply of his mojo; the prophet especially!

We must figure out a way to put an end to him before he drinks too much more!


Dodge the prophet, a 76 elite and head into the building behind him.

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