Quest:Trolls of a Feather

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Neutral 32 Trolls of a Feather
Requires Level 50
Experience11,000 XP
or 66Silver at Level 100
Rewards[Soul Harvester] or
[Abyss Shard] or
[Robes of Servitude]
1Gold 55Silver
PreviousThe Wrong Stuff

Objectives Edit

Bring a total of 6 Voodoo Feathers from the trolls in Sunken Temple.

Description Edit

My pet is almost done. Now I just need something to stuff it with.

Only the voodoo feathers from the trolls in the sunken temple will do. They go by the names Gasher, Mijan, Zolo, Hukku, Zul'Lor, and Loro. Kill them. Kill them all.

This is no trivial task <name>, so I'll make it worth your while by giving you something of Niby's -- he probably doesn't need it anyhow.


Did you bring the feathers? This doll needs stuffed!


Wonderful, now my pet is complete!

<Impsy quickly stuffs the doll and gives it a demonic hug.>

Oh, what an odd side effect these voodoo feathers have...

Rewards Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv sword 48
Inv misc gem 02
Inv chest cloth 10

You will also receive: 1Gold 55Silver


  • 11,000 XP

Details Edit

  • These 6 trolls are the guardians that surround the central area in the Temple of Atal'Hakkar. They are always killed in a normal run of the dungeon.
  • Prior to Patch 3.0.2, the Abyss Shard summoned a Voidwalker with no mana requirement and with no soul shard reagent. Warlocks interested in high-level raiding and endgame considered the Abyss Shard to be the most desirable of the quest's rewards because of the importance of soul shard management in those settings. Patch 3.0.2 nerfed the Abyss Shard by replacing the soul shard benefit with +sta, so the shard is now considered to have junk status.

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Neutral 15 Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock [52] An Imp's Request or Neutral 15 Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock [52] Hot and Itchy
  2. Neutral 15 Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock [52] The Wrong Stuff
  3. Neutral 15 Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock [52D] Trolls of a Feather

Patch changesEdit

  • 0100WoW Icon 16x16 Patch 1.8.0 (10-Oct-2005): Added.
  • 0300Wrath-Logo-Small/0400Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.0.1 (12-Oct-2010): Removed, along with it's predecessor quests.

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