Troll Witchery is an Alliance-only quest in which players are asked to collect instruments of troll magic from Skullsplitter spellcasters in Stranglethorn Vale. Brother Nimetz believes studying these instruments may explain the reason behind Colonel Kurzen's corruption.

How to Get This Quest Edit

At the Rebel Camp in Stranglethorn Vale, talk to Brother Nimetz the human after completing Alliance 15 [38] Kurzen's Mystery.

Objectives Edit

Bring 4 [Skullsplitter Fetishes] to Brother Nimetz at the Rebel Camp.


Details Edit

The fetishes only drop from Skullsplitter Witch Doctors and Skullsplitter Mystics. These can be found at the three central troll ruin sites (Ziata'jai Ruins, Ruins of Zul'Mamwe, and Balia'mah Ruins). However, the Balia'mah Ruins seem to have the most Mystics and Witchdoctors. Coordinates for Balia'mah Ruins: (43,41)

It should be noted that very bad drop rates have been reported for this quest.

Once you have all four fetishes, return to Brother Nimetz at the Rebel Camp.

Description Edit

While I study those legends you acquired, gather for me implements of evil troll magic. Enter the territory of the Skullsplitter trolls, a second tribe to the distant south, and acquire [Skullsplitter Fetishes] from their Witchdoctors and Mystics.

Progress Edit

Do you have those fetishes, <name>? They might hold the secret to Kurzen's degradation...I must know!

Completion Edit

Thank you. I will study these fetishes and see if they hold the secret of Kurzen's fall into evil.

Quest progressionEdit

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