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Neutral 32 Troll Patrol: Creature Comforts
StartCaptain Grondel
EndCaptain Grondel
Requires Level 74
Experience5,300 XP
or 31Silver80Copper at Level 110
Rewards1Gold 58Silver
PreviousTroll Patrol


Captain Grondel at Drak'Agal wants you to bring him 20 pieces of Dead Thornwood.


Well, it ain't glamorous, but it needs doin'.

My troops have been fightin' their hearts out while knee-deep in stagnant water for days on end. That just can't be good fer ya.

What they need is a nice fire to dry 'em out and lighten their spirits.

This part of the city's soaked, but the dead roots of these thornwood trees have a way of resistin' the moisture.

Round us up some fuel for burnin' and we'll be mighty grateful.


You will receive: 1Gold 58Silver


Ya got the wood fer a fire, <race>?


Mighty kind of ya, <name>. Mighty kind indeed.

Now you'll be findin' Cap'n Arnath due west o' here, just over the rise.


Quest progressionEdit

  1. Complete Commander Falstaav's quests to unlock Pa'Troll.
  2. Neutral 15 [76] Pa'Troll
  3. Neutral 15 [76 Daily] Troll Patrol
    To complete Troll Patrol, complete one quest from each of the four quest givers:
  4. Neutral 15 [76 Daily] Congratulations! (if Troll Patrol was completed quickly enough)

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