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Objectives Edit

Old Icefin wants you to obtain Rotgill's Trident. Return it to him on the small island on the Chillmere Coast.

Description Edit

<From the scratches he makes in the rock, you see several symbols: a trident, a mur'ghoul, the sun, a wrecked ship, and a rough stick-figure of yourself.>

<Puzzling out what the murloc is conveying takes a while. Obviously he wants you to get a trident from the Chillmere Coast, but the image of the sun is puzzling. That is until you realize he means his son.>

<His son was changed into a mur'ghoul! He wants you to find him to the south near the wrecked ship and return with his trident.>

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 4Gold 70Silver

Progress Edit

<One of Old Icefin's dead fish-like eyes studies you, clearly looking for signs of his son's trident.>

Completion Edit

<Reaching out to take his son's trident from you, Old Icefin's hand shakes a little. Could it be that the aged murloc is grieving?>

<Is that just extra moisture pooling at the base of his eye?>

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