A guide to doing the following quests:

Before Patch 3.1.0, this was the final step towards Artisan level First Aid. You must be at least level 35 and have First Aid skill of 225 to begin this quest.

The quest is to bandage 15 patients before 6 die (fade).

  1. Visit the Trauma Surgeon for your faction:
  2. It's best to position yourself just beyond the trauma surgeon, between him and the bunk beds, before you take the quest. Also have a spare hotkeyed button available for the bandages he gives you, so you can apply them faster.
  3. When you take the quest, the surgeon will give you [Triage Bandage] (20 charges). After taking the bandages, drag them from your backpack to the button you set aside as fast as possible and look for injured soldiers on the bunk beds. If you are positioned right, you can bandage them without moving or by only moving a little.
  4. Bandage the patients in this priority order:
    1. Critically Injured
    2. Badly Injured
    3. Injured
    • If there are multiple patients of the same type, try to bandage the first one that you remember appearing, because that one will probably fade first.
  5. Click on the patient and immediately hit the hotkey for your bandage. While you are bandaging, look around (try holding down left-mouse-button and move the mouse around) for the next patient to bandage in priority order.
  6. You can select a new patient even while still bandaging the current patient, which will save you a lot of time. As soon as bandaging completes, hit the key for your bandage again to begin bandaging this new patient. If you have to move, try to do it quickly (click both mouse buttons while looking at the patient).
  7. Keep doing steps 5 and 6 while remembering the priority in step 4. Eventually the surgeon will show a gold Quest Complete 16x16 and you're done. You should have 5 bandages left.

That's pretty much the system. You will lose a few patients (usually 2-4), but should complete the quest with no problems.

Only one player can do the quest at a time, but you can use your spare bandages to help someone else (which is great). So, if someone has been waiting patiently for you to finish, ask them if you can use your spare bandages to help them (usually by bandaging critically or badly injured patients who they don't seem to be looking at).

Better still, team up with another person to do this quest. Anyone who failed this quest will have spare charges on their Triage Bandage. Position yourself so each of you will be in charge of applying bandages on one half of the room. Since you can't technically complete the quest as a team, you'll need to do the quest twice, helping each other out.

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