Quest:Trek to Ashenvale

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Alliance 32 Trek to Ashenvale
StartSentinel Selarin
EndRaene Wolfrunner
Requires Level 15
Experience35 XP
or 21Copper at Level 100

Location Edit

[36, 49] in Astranaar

Objectives Edit

Find Raene Wolfrunner in Ashenvale.

Description Edit

<Name>, my mistress, Raene Wolfrunner, awaits you in the city of Astranaar within Ashenvale. With your help, perhaps we can at least ease some of the corruption that's taken hold there.

Head south from here and stay close to the road--you'll find your way there without issue if you follow those directions.

Completion Edit

Ah, a <class> from Darkshore. Selarin has done well to send you here so quickly, <name>. I wish your trip here wasn't under such dire stress. Perhaps with your help we can improve matters.

I would start my visit by speaking to the other citizens of Astranaar. Some could surely use your aid.

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