Travel to Azure Watch is an Alliance-only quest from the draenei starting region Ammen Vale. It is the final quest starting in that region, and introduces new draenei tot he larger part of the island by sending them on to the first real town, Azure Watch, outside the vale. Note that you will have to have completed most of the quests in Ammen Vale in order to get this one.

How to Get This Quest Edit

After talking to Technician Zhanaa to complete Alliance 15 [5] The Emitter, a small event will play out. Once it is over, Zhanaa will offer this quest.

Objectives Edit

Speak with Technician Dyvuun at Azure Watch on Azuremyst Isle.

Details Edit

Azure Watch is the next quest hub for the draenei. It is right down the road to the west, follow the road through the mountains and over a river - you can pick up some quests on the way. Once you get to Azure Watch, talk to Technician Dyvuun to turn in the quest.

Description Edit

By all that is good, <name>, you must go at once to this Azure Watch and speak with Dyvuun!

There is a path that leads west off of this tiny isle. Follow it and cross the Crystalbrook River to arrive on the larger part of the isle. Continue to follow the path and you should find Azure Watch.

See if you can convince them to send us some aid and supplies. The rest of us will follow when we can.

Thank you, we wouldn't have made it without you!

Completion Edit

Ah, good to see you again! I'm glad that we were both able to get our emitters fixed or we might have never found one another. And don't worry, we'll see to it that Ammen Vale gets help and supplies.

Speaking of assistance, now that you're here, go around and introduce yourself to the others. I know that there's plenty to do.

Quest Progression Edit

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